5-Steps To Autism Parenting Confidence and Success

We help parents build unshakeable confidence...

...no matter what life throws at them

Most "parenting advice" for parents of autistic children just doesn't work

And even worse, it creates self-doubt and undermines parenting confidence

In Order To Deliver Results That Transform Lives...

...A Coaching Program Must Have 3 Components:


Effective, practical strategies that work anywhere, any time that can be customized for any child


World-class support



Unfortunately, there is little effective support and education for parents of autistic children. What does exist is often not helpful for actual parenting challenges. Either they give you information and wish you luck trying to use it, or they offer you strategies that might work at school, but don't work at home. Most of the well-meaning people offering the advice have never tried to get an autistic child dressed on a school day, or to eat more than three foods, nor have they said "no" to your child in a toy or grocery store. They have not lived with the crushing fear and anxiety of not knowing how to help your child when he melts down or the overwhelm of constantly being on high alert.

You know that the traditional parenting strategies that seem to work for everyone else just don't work for your autistic child. You've tried them all and you've tried hard. Even worse, when the useless advice fails, people suggest that you are the problem.

You know you need more than answers - you need someone to help you learn to problem-solve and coach you step-by-step along the path to lasting results.

Autism Parent Solutions Is Different

We have walked many miles in your shoes. Developed by parents of autistic children, we provide you with a framework of effective strategies that work together to address even the most challenging situations. The strategies are practical, parent-tested, and user-friendly.

We teach you how to use the framework effectively with YOUR CHILD. Our world-class support and coaching support you at every step to help you grow your problem-solving muscles, and progress toward solutions and growth.

We know that you need more than answers. You need to learn how to answer your own questions whenever they arise. And you need guidance that is straightforward so that you get results right now because we know you don’t have time to waste.

The truth is that transformation is not just about understanding your autistic child. It is also about understanding the family dynamic and understanding you!

Let's Talk About Who is a Good Fit for Our Program

Who We Are For...

If you’re a parent who is ready to abandon the ineffective parenting strategies that prolong negative interactions and unwanted behavior . . .

If you are ready to try new approaches and discard the old-fashioned, traditional "rules" that are failing you and everyone you care about. . .

If you are ready to increase your parenting confidence and reduce your burnout and stress . . .

If you are not willing to go one more day without a proven plan and expert coach . . . then we can help you end the conflict and overwhelm, and learn to constructively support your child to make meaningful progress in an upbeat environment.

You must show up ready to learn and do the work. You must show up open and coachable. You must show up ready for personal growth. And bonus points to you if you show up ready to feel good and have some fun.

If this sounds like you, then click below to watch our latest masterclass. In it, I reveal the system my clients use to transform their autistic child’s challenging behaviors and promote extraordinary growth without stress or frustration.

3 Reasons You May Not Be a Good Fit For Our Program Right Now

We Need To Be Honest About Something...

Unlike other programs out there, we’re not for everyone. So here are three reasons you may not be a good fit for our program right now


You may not be quite ready for our program if you are not willing to commit to action – to using and experimenting with a new approach

Our best clients show up coachable, decisive, and willing to learn new approaches to parenting. They open their minds and hearts to see their child and their circumstances in a new light. They don’t make excuses. They push through their setbacks, overwhelm, challenges, and fears. They own their results and earn their success.

I know this sounds like work - and I'm not going to sugarcoat it...but here's the thing: Raising an autistic child is a lot of work. But investing in the right tools and support can make the road much easier an more joyful.

Your results are 100% up to you.


You may not be quite ready for our program if you are not ready to explore and challenge your own mindsets and habits and accept honest feedback.

Many parents reach out asking what to "do to" their child to "fix behavior" and help them progress. But we have found that when parents are willing to explore their own parenting habits, they can see how the change they want starts with them. The good news about that is that you have more impact on difficult situations than you may realize. The goal of exploring perspective shifts is personal growth and is never criticism.

But not everyone is ready to look at their own actions and receive feedback.

Our clients are ready to do whatever it takes to gain confidence, reduce stress, deepen the connection with their child and create a more harmonious and fun family life.


You may not be quite ready for our program if you are more focused on the problem than on the solution.

Years of trying to help your child using strategies that didn't work may have left you questioning a lot of things. Years of feeling defeated may have left you feeling frustrated, lost and exhausted. We know that in the past you may have felt misunderstood and let down by ineffective advice you have received.

If those past experiences have left you believing that your situation has too many problems for the solutions to work for you, then you are not ready to work with us.

But if you believe that with guidance and coaching you can rise beyond your past disappointments and beyond limiting beliefs - that you can work in harmony with your child and be their best asset, then we can and will help you do that.

Your program changed the way I see my child.

I feel like a have such a better understanding of him that guides my own actions to help him so much more effectively. I love the way you reach the heart when you teach, and you give another perspective for ASD. My stress is down, my confidence is up. I see big changes in my son which is exciting and so many areas of family life have improved. What a gift this has been in our lives.

Isabella C.

New York, NY

Your program has given me new skills and tools, and has helped me change my mindset in so many ways.

The Program taught me that I can aim for progress and also be happy with whatever my son achieves. Loving and accepting your child exactly as they are AND wanting more for them are not conflicting ideas. The Program woke me up to a better reality, where I can help my child be who he can be, without fear. Combining these new ideas with all of the clear strategies and tools that I know how to USE has already made big improvements in our lives and I feel so optimistic about the future.

Neilson D.


There are honestly not enough superlatives that can be leveled upon this Program.

We learned so many practical and applicable everyday tools and feel immensely more confident moving forward. But most importantly, for the first time as parents of a special needs child, we felt seen.

Mike C.

New York, NY

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